Waiting for baby

Discover fun and productive activities to make the wait for your baby more enjoyable. From nesting tips to baby shower ideas, get ready for the arrival of your little one.
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Matt and Kim are an amazing, inspiring couple who are beginning their journey as parents through adoption. Below are some of my favorite pictures from their recent photo shoot, as they wait expectantly for their little one to arrive. More information about Matt and Kim's adoption journey is on their blog.

Angie Karen Rangel
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Waiting, waiting, waiting. We are in what is called “the adoption wait”. I wish that I could say I’m taking advantage of this waiting time and making the most of it, but most days I feel like we haven’t made any progress. The other day my sister told me she has had several people ask about us, telling her they are thinking about us; and honestly that makes the waiting easier. We’re nearing almost 5 years of waiting to grow our family and while it’s disappointing, I’m constantly reminding…