Wang yibo

Discover interesting facts about Wang Yibo, the talented actor, singer, and dancer. Learn more about his achievements, career highlights, and his journey to success.
Luoyang, Asian Men Long Hair, Dance Coach, Choi Woo-shik, Sean O'pry, Lan Zhan, Most Handsome Actors, Asian Short Hair, Wei Wuxian

After one kiss! Xiao Zhan, a 24 year old and hard working young man, tries to make a livelihood with his three jobs. Actually looking for a free room, he meets Wang Yibo, also 24 years old, rich and a well-known model. The first meeting didn't go well, though. How and if the two will meet again and will Zhan be able to forget his anger about Yibo, we will see. And who is actually Zhan's new and creepy friend, who accompanies him night after night at one of his jobs when Zhan delivers…

Damn it Janet