Ways to preserve flowers

Learn how to preserve flowers and keep their beauty alive for longer. Discover creative techniques to cherish your favorite blooms and make beautiful arrangements.
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Are you wondering how to display your bridal bouquet after the wedding? Here is a tutorial on how to preserve your wedding bouquet in a frame

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Flower drying has never been easier thanks to Flower Drying Art™ Silica Gel and your trusty microwave! It's true that you can not only dry flowers in a microwave, but also preserve the flowers' natural beauty for years to come! This is, by far, the easiest way to dry flowers in a microwave.

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Have you ever tried to press your own flowers? Maybe, the traditional way, in an old book with something heavy on top to weight it down? Or, maybe you’ve even built your own flower press? But, have you ever pressed flowers the quick and easy way – in the microwave? This is a project I’ve been wanting to try for months. I first saw it mentioned on Instagram and decided to give it a try! If you like instant gratification and projects that don’t take a long time, this one’s for you! Why press…

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Preserve fresh cut flowers for years by dipping them in wax, this simple tutorial takes out all the guesswork! Wax dipped roses are a beautiful way to preserve Valentine or Anniversary bouquets and can last years if you follow one simple trick

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Learn how to preserve flowers in resin and create a unique keepsake that will brighten up your home decor! Follow our beginner friendly step by step photo and video tutorials, and read below for helpful tips about working with resin. Did you know that you can add dried flowers to epoxy resin to preserve their colour and beauty permanently? Use flowers from a special occasion, like a wedding or graduation, and create a physical memory of the event. The results are SO PRETTY! This post…

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Wondering how to preserve your wedding flowers and bouquet long after the big day is over? Here, we share eight creative ways to keep and enjoy your beautiful wedding flowers for years to come, including DIY methods you can undertake at home and professional options.

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