Winchester house

Discover the captivating history and intriguing architecture of the famous Winchester House. Uncover the secrets and legends surrounding this unique mansion and plan your visit today.
The famous "Acoustic" Witch's Cap Room features a specific spot that focuses and reverberates sound perfectly back at the speaker.

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA Today brings quite a treat to anyone who is a fan of weird, mysterious tourist attractions shrouded in legend and intrigue and a little bit of supernatural inclinations. For today, we take a trip up north to San Jose, home to a little estate called L

Theresa Regan
The Devoted Classicist: Kissingers at River House House Floor Plans, Interior, Winchester, House Plans, House Layout Plans, Mansion Plans, House Layouts, Mansion Floor Plan, Mansions Homes

"Los Kissinger en su casa de Nueva York" is an article torn from a magazine The Devoted Classicist found while going through an unlabeled file recently. Although the article is unmarked, there is no mistaking that it is from Hola! magazine. It probably dates from the 90s, when I first discovered the popular periodical from Spain and used it for Show & Tell readings to cheer up a very ill friend. The magazine's format is simple, but tried-and-true, with at-home interviews accompanied by as…