Wooden glasses

Discover a wide range of stylish and eco-friendly wooden glasses for every occasion. Upgrade your eyewear game with our top picks and add a touch of natural beauty to your ensemble.
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Shop earleydashop's closet or find the perfect look from millions of stylists. Fast shipping and buyer protection. TAKEMOTO and Olive wood By now in 2016, I am still the only designer and craftsman making glasses frames with olive wood, as no one else understand the fragility of olive wood better than me. In 2012, I first got to know olive wood. (I only know olive before that. Actually when I was in primary school, I can buy pickled olives from the shop near our school.) It reminded me of…

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Ron Arad is known worldwide for his architecture, design and iconic rover chairs. And now he is designing his own eye wear collection. Our editor catches up with the designer himself to find out more about his new eyewear collection. Giveaway: Become an Instagram follower of KALTBLUT and pq-eyewear to win your favourite pair of glasses! Follow the LINK and choose your favourite pair from the D-FRAME collection. Send an email to win@kaltblut-magazine.de

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Techniques for Making Wooden Glasses DIY: In my daily research of objects to be built I spent a lot of time understanding how to make glass frames from wood from basic materials without using prefabricated elements. in this instructable I share the techniques I used to build my glasses, so…