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Discover a comprehensive and engaging world history curriculum designed specifically for high school students. Explore top resources and lesson plans to make learning history exciting and meaningful.
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Choosing curricula for high school can be stressful. There are so many factors to consider like interests and requirements. The list only grows from there as you begin researching what your child needs to take in high school. One of the subjects required is history, but it may be open-ended, or your state may require specific courses in world history and your country's history. Some may even require state history. So, how do you know which homeschool history curriculum you should choose for…

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As a kid in school I loved when my teachers celebrated creativity in the classroom. In fact, when I reflect on my own education, the moments I remember the most were the creative ones. I vividly remember making salt maps of the state, book report mobiles, models, papier-mâché globes, interactive brochures, puppets, and dioramas. What about you? Are the instructional moments that you remember the most tied to creative activities? There's just something so powerful about hands-on learning with…

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