Yes i have

Embrace the spirit of adventure and say yes to new experiences. Discover inspiring ideas to ignite your curiosity and make the most out of life.
A friend started saying yes to more invitations and found it life changing. Say yes to things you don't think you have time, energy or interest in. You have no idea what you're missing until you do. Here's what I'm saying yes to now. I Am Second, Saying Yes, Yes It Is, Yes I Can, I Said Yes, I Still Love You, You Have No Idea, Vintage Poster Art, Marry You

I am quickly closing in on the five-year anniversary of kalanicut. Can't even believe I'm saying that. Proud to still be publishing, proud to still be focused on doing quality work and sharing things I hope bring inspiration for light and peace and encouragement to the world. As I was going through posts from a few years ago I remembered this recipe contest I won. (Pardon the totally weak graphics and experimental font usage. This was the very, very early days and I still had a lot to…

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