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Star Wars History Skywalker Family (Pre Disney)

Star Wars History Skywalker Family (Pre Disney)<<Unless Disney has better developments to come, I feel like this story is better than what we saw in The Force Awakens :-/ [Which they can never do better than the expanded universe]

When mom asks me a math question "I DONT KNOW!!!"

20 Signs You Are In Nursing School.truth, except my addiction's Diet Coke friends come to you with all of their medical questions.

It would be awesome if this happened! <--- As much as I wish the same, somehow I doubt that Breath of the Wild will be a carbon copy or be relatively the same as Shadow of the Colossus. Still, never can tell.

Shadow of the Colossus is very similar to The Legend of Zelda series. Still, both of them are awesome games

Link and saria

“Let me play one last song for you before you go.” Some cute young Link/Saria snuggle time~ Started as a quickie but really loved the atmosphere so I kept adding to it…