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a small wooden building with a round window
Les Archinautes and 3AE create timber cabin overlooking lake in Czech Republic
an empty parking lot next to a building with wooden panels on the walls and doors
Fischer Architekten - Warehouse, Hausen 2020....
SUBTILITAS — Fischer Architekten - Warehouse, Hausen 2020....
an empty auditorium with rows of seats and wooden ceiling
Team Buildings - Architecture Today
Arup Associates - Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh (1967)
a wooden shelf with a cup on it and a window in the wall behind it
Maison Louis Carré
a brick house with glass walls and doors
Inger og Johannes Exners eget hus
an image of metal roofing sheets on top of each other
Landwirtschaftliches Fachstellenhaus, Arenenberg - Staufer & Hasler Architekten
an artist's rendering of a bridge over a stream in a park with trees and grass
Proyectos - Sanzaro - Modelado 3D arquitectónico
Casa del Puente : Bridge House, Argentina | Amancio Williams
the side of a house with wood siding
Johan Sundberg Arkitektur designs timber barn on a historic Swedish farm
an open room with stairs leading up to it
Koya No Sumika by mA-style - IGNANT
Koya No Sumika by mA-style |
a brick building with three windows and a large rock in the foreground on a cloudy day
Shingles made from salvaged larch wood cover Alpine house in Italy
an arch in the side of a building with benches underneath it and blue sky above
pezo von ellrichshausen's INES innovation center has 'unexpected and exaggerated interior'
pezo von ellrichshausen completes INES innovation center in chile
a person standing in front of a red building with lots of windows and balconies
INES Innovation Center / Pezo von Ellrichshausen
We were told that when resources are scarce, intensity compensates for high performance (because there seems to be a deep gap between ingeniousness and intelligence). Of course, we knew that any project is a reaction to its circumstances.
an aerial view of several buildings with mesh coverings on the roof, and trees in the background
52 Places to Go in 2016 (Published 2016)
Hangzhou, China: State-of-the-art museums and more in an ancient city. / #16 on @nytimes's list of 52 Places to Go in 2016 (Photo: Eiichi Kano)