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A stunning view of Lake Como, Italy. Lake Como is a lake of glacial origin in Lombardy, Italy. It has an area of 146 square kilometres, making it the third-largest lake in Italy, after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore.

The Passo San Boldo is a small mountain pass in the region of Veneto, Italy. The passage is in the southern Alps and connects Belluna Val > Mareno Val n a height of 706 m. The mountain pass is named SP 635 and has only one runway. The traffic is regulated by several sets of lights. There is a speed limit of 30 km/h and a maximum height of 3.2 meters. There are five tunnels dug into the rock with sharp turns and six bridges. The road was built in 1918 in just three months.

San Boldo Pass, Italy San Boldo Pass or Passo San Boldo is a small amazing mountain pass located in the Italian Veneto region between the towns of Trichian and Tovena. The mountain pass was previously known as Passo Sant’Ubaldo and Umbaldopass.

Riomaggiore, First of 5 Cinque Terre Villages

The Cinque Terre towns offer breathtaking views and will make your vacation special whether you want to relax or prefer hiking and active sea activities.