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Mermaid trapped in a glass. I would make it that she was in "message in a bootle" while she's trapped inside the glass while she was still in the ocean trying to get back to her world.

Zeichnung (How To Paint Eyes)

I just wanted to say that this Learning board is not just for school learning, my Mind board is. This board has mind things and tutorials. Thanks if you took the time to read this and if you did, comment Learning is good to the mind.

Kralho isso seria uma tatuagem foda

"Blue Rain" 💙💦 Loving this Opus brand watercolor 📒🎨🌿 I'll make some prints of her and "Secret Garden" this weekend if I can find some good paper 🌾✨

pencil drawing.

One thing about me is that I LOVE art. I love drawing Realistic Eyes. They're so beautiful to me. Drawing eyes are something I'm good at and its the best thing I can draw.

Desenho de lábios

Figure Interpret what you see. Define subliminal messages and bring three examlpes from fashion related products to explain the concept.