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Sign me up for the next war!

Gerard is definitely the best<--- I don't know. I think tennant is good too. <-- Pssh, Steve wins hands down.<<true dat Steve is the American heart oh Captain my captain and oh Bucky Barnes deserves a hand up too<--- Pish posh look at Ackles

Unique Travel Destinations: Tallinn, Estonia   #travel #ttot #travelskills #backpacking #RTW

As if a white-sandy beach wasn't wonderful enough, Santorini has also black and red sand. As if cliffs weren't scenic enough,

DIY your bangs. | 15 Noncommittal Ways To Change Your Hair

15 Noncommittal Ways To Change Your Hair pull their hair up into a high ponytail and wrap the hair around the ponytail so that the ends fall on the forehead to create bangs,”