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This gif is a mess of Jonghyun, Seungri, and .... Key?? What are you doing?! bahahaha | #BigBang #SHINee

JongHyun is hopping BigBang's Seungry; Key is there eating the award like a fucking choco freak. This Gif is beautiful mess XD ♥

thanks bambam! (dab at em) you do you boo>Meme Center | allkpop

thanks bambam! (dab at em) you do you boo>Meme Center

xiumin laughing haha

When he laughs, I think an angel gets its wings.

exo xiumin

He looks like a kitty - Xiumin---That's exactly what I think every time I see him!

His smile kills me. Everytime. I've died about 29,845,723 times.

Same Xiumin, I'm freezing in 50 degree weather because I've never seen or experienced a day of snow in my life help

Xiumin ♡ Xiumin ♡ Xiumin ♡

i hope you had a good day ^^ can i request for an exo/yifan/luhan/tao in glasses spam? if it's not too much trouble :D Answer: you’re so sweet anony, I hope you had a lovely day.

Xiumin ~♡~

I need to stop pinning EXO stuff as I'm trying to resist joining the fandom.