Botellas pintadas y con decoupage.

BOTELLAS_RECICLAR-I think these are painted and decoupaged wine bottles, but this site is not in English. They are so pretty!


ALTERED BOTTLES Spray painted with primer, then acrylic paint w/crackle medium and decoupage w/paper roses. Could use napkins or scrapbook paper. The possibilities are endless.

Te gusta lo Vintage? ¡Muy pronto tendremos novedades para vos!

Rice Paper for Decoupage, Scrapbook Sheet, Craft Paper Parisian Still Life 2

Wall Art

Reflections of Gratitude and Offerings by Karen Michel, Mixed Media Wood Collage


Using Stencil, texturize bottle using Gesso, or someother texturizer, Paint Bottle, then decoupage Paper Napkin and seal with Polyurethane.


Eifellovka v ružiach ustlaná / Pupavkashop - - Handmade Krabičky


Paint bottles with glass paint, then decopage. Amazingly beautiful and you could do it to about any jar that didn't have printing molded in. Im going to round up bottles now!