Toalha de mesa com detalhes em fuxico

Yo-Yos on the corners would add weight and keep the tablecloth in position better. Could put a washer inside the bottom YOYO for weight.

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You can DIY. Believe me, these Ideas are amazing :)

DIY Décor: Best Ideas For Christmas Burlap Wreath

DIY pretty Crochet attached to neutral cotton or linen to make BEAUTIFUL tablecloth. ~ I might consider using cotton drop cloth as the main fabric. Would still be pretty.with a farmhouse feel.

Красивая филейная скатерть крючком. Скатерть крючком |

скатерти и салфетки вязанные

Красивая филейная скатерть крючком. Скатерть крючком |

Скатерть крючком | Knitting club // нитин клаб


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