olha que ideia criativa. rolos de papel higienico e uma caixa de sapato...um belo porta trecos ou canetas

For all those art supplies. DIY project du jour: Shoe box + toilet paper tubes (and/or paper towel tube pieces) = storage for pens and other office/art supplies (via Aunt Peaches) More paper tube repurposing ideas: here.

Make framed crayon letter art as a gift this year! Total cost for this project was only $1.25! #christmas #diy

Framed DIY Crayon Letters Gift Idea

Eu queroooo!!!!

DIY Bag artist or artist briefcase or drawing supplies case: . the tutorial! A place or bag for colored pencils, crayons, scissors, drawing pad or coloring book. Great gift for kids!

Fabric Basket

NEW Fabric Diaper Caddy - Fabric organizer storage bin basket - Perfect for your nursery - Urban Zoologie Owls Bermuda removable strap from nursery to living room to diaper bag to car .

DIY color cajas del favor del lápiz

Pencil yourself in

This would be a great gift for a teacher. DIY Colored Pencil Boxes (what a clever idea!

Colored pencils turned into colorful beads.

what a fun DIY necklace! crafts art kids fun hes heritageelementary heritageelementaryschools

DIY decoração: porta-lápis, porta-pincel, porta qualquer coisa!

DIY Plastic Bottle Pen Holder DIY Projects- Anything and Everything to do with plastic bottles!