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three different types of flowers and leaves on display with the words kissmy above them
Pearlfisher Creates Brand Identity and Packaging Design "Kiss My" - World Brand Design Society
Pearlfisher Creates Brand Identity And Packaging Design “Kiss My”
an image of some type of font that is very large and has many different lines
Moodboards Collection
a person holding a coffee cup on top of a wooden table
Fresh From The Field – Altura Coffee By White Rabbit
Altura Coffee reached out to the coffee fiends at @whiterabbitnz to create a special edition Coffee Cup design to celebrate their 30th anniversary in NZ. Fueled by many coffees a day, the design team were stoked to create custom illustrations representing Altura’s accolades and show off the uniqueness of this Kiwi brand in their celebratory design.
three notebooks, one with a pen and the other with a business card holder
Labarre Bookstore & Cafe
Labarre Bookstore & Cafe on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery
three different flavors of candy cream and blue kush are on the packaging side, each with an individual's own logo
Hempremium. Cannabis Sativa Light
a green tea canister sitting on top of a table
an orange coffee cup with saucer and spoon in it, surrounded by green leaves
Honey Lemon Jasmine Tea
two people are using their laptops while another person is sitting on the ground with an object in his hand
Cooper Collaboration
the website for kacco is designed to look like it has puzzle pieces on it
京都のWebサイト・ホームページ制作 – KACCO DESIGN STUDIO[カッコデザインスタジオ] | デザインのこと - Web design gallery
two brochures with different food items on them
Social Media Manager | Digital Marketing Expert In India | Virtual Assistant For Social media
Social Media Manager | Digital Marketing Expert In India | Virtual Assistant For Social media
a menu for a restaurant with rice sprinkles and coffee beans on it
Free Vector | Rice healthy food restaurant menu