St. Peterburgs in Russia

Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood, St Petersburg, Russia. As a ghost, I am looking for a castle to haunt. What about this one? I know it isn't technically a 'castle' but look at its magnificent size! I think it would still be splendid to haunt.

Purple shadows, purple lights in Morocco #ethnic #ceiling

Amber Palace, Rajasthan, India (odd that this is the Amber Palace and the interior is purple.) Harris-Carniello this place has your name on it!

Photograph by Russian photographer Margarita Kareva - be sure to click through and see them all!  Stunning!  Capture photographic memories, then save them for generations to come with

Margarita Kareva’s Enchanting Photographic Fantasies

The Russo-Finnish Princess Nastinka from the tale of Jack Frost, sipping her morning tea. Margarita Kareva is a Russia-based photographer who specializes in fantasy art photography

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