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Rounded shoulders posture with mild Kyphosis or Dowager’s hump? Try this!
Mild Kyphosis or Dowager’s hump? Try this! ⬇️ Performing upper back posture exercises with an elastic band can offer several benefits for improving posture and strengthening the muscles in the upper back. Here are some of the advantages ✅1. Improved Posture: Upper back posture exercises with an elastic band target the muscles in the upper back, including the rhomboids, trapezius, and rear deltoids, to counteract the effects of rounded shoulders and forward head posture, promoting a more upright and aligned posture ✅2. Increased Upper Back Strength: The resistance provided by the elastic band adds an element of challenge to the exercises, helping to strengthen the muscles in the upper back, can better support the spine and shoulder girdle, reducing the risk of postural imbalances a
I’m still shook! This hack really works, perfect for beginners😍
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Rounded Shoulders and Forward Posture Daily Corrective Routine Using a wall
Prom Hair, Wedding Hair Down, Dance Hair, Braided Hairstyles Updo, Competition Hair
DARIA STOLBOVA on Instagram: “@nikamyshko ✨ Hairstyle @stolbova_ballroom_stylist ⠀ Competition for appointment: ⠀ ??? 04-05.05 Copenhagen, Denmark 9-10.05 Moscow, Вальс…” – Famous Last Words
two pictures with the words daily foot stretching
Ballet At Home: Follow Along Daily Foot/Ankle/Arch Strengthening Routine + Ballet Foot Stretch Demo
two people are dancing in an empty room with purple walls and flooring, one is holding the other's hand
The Lindy Flip | Swing Dance Aerial Breakdowns (Lesson 9) | Shauna Marble | Lindy Hop
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a woman doing yoga poses with the title 10 yoga poses for correcting bad posture
10 Yoga Poses For Correcting Bad Posture | Pursuing Lemons
an old photo of two people dancing together
"Swing" танцы становятся новой модой, наряду с"румбой".1935 год
a man and woman are dancing in the street with their arms around each other,
Black White Sepia