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Irvin Moura

Irvin Moura
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Tutorial 58: Speed Lines

So I'm a glutton for punishment apparently, but I figured out how to both make make a preset to add speed lines to your shapes and save a preset with named…

line art, isometric, slick keyframe animation, fluid transitions

Friendly characters, public spaces and joyful activities as leading subjects of this video. Some highlights of an explainer video for GOCASA.

Awesome motion graphics

POSSIBLE TRANSITION: Fast and frantic transitions are a sure fire way of gaining attention as they can easily be spotted at a glance or from the corner of your eye ensuring that the advert I design would gain the attention it needs.

After Effects Tutorial | Bring 2D to life using Displacement Maps - YouTube

The new title credits from HBO True Detective are pretty awesome, and its what inspired me to do this after effects tutorial for a double exposure look.

ótimo plugin

Quantum Human - Modelling to Rigging Muscle System - Advanced Control


Spread the Love! Our latest collaboration with Leo Burnett asks even the worst of arch enemies to put down the gloves and bring in the hugs in this all out love fest for McDonald’s. Directed by: Buck Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey Executive Produ

Iker García CG Artist

CG Artist Generalist with over 15 years experience, I am specialize in Hard Surface modelling and Lighting.