Create faceted deer sculpture. This is not just a printable PDF template, but comes with a very detailed tutorial on how to design your own faceted sculptures. Highly recommended!

Create Faceted Papercraft-objects

This is a yet another deer head papercraft . It is different from an amazing instructable create-faceted-paper-objects .

For the bird-lover with everything: a clever parrot scarf. #etsy #design #gifts

Since I’m on a bit of a quirky bend, check out this amazing, but odd, but totally AMAZING, Parrot Scarf. For purchase via Ninafuehrer on Etsy. One for the knitters.

11407062_864014083635461_8722665564900010177_n (525x700, 421Kb)

Chunky Scarf Necklace w/chains and pearls - Taupe & Silver - Eco-Friendly Jersey Scarf w/Jewelry Detail (Diy Necklace Chunky)



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