delicate embroidery, Grandma J's home filled with beautiful hand sewing & stitchery. "Mary Francis" always surrounded herself with beautiful handmade things. I beleive my sister inherited that trait of needlework & immagination from her.

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Ribbon embroidery embroidery Ribbon embroidery rose embroidery how embroidered - Yadai Er Royal ribbon embroidery official website


I ❤ ribbon embroidery . (translated) Embroidery Ribbons- The basis of gabardine. Tapes were originally white, painted to work at the center, toned after. Size The very heart embroidered heart for the first

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One of the most beautiful silk ribbon work I have seen. Ribbon work reminds me of spring and Easter--maybe its the gorgeous colors and sweet it always seems. Pinterest de Cíça Mora

'Rolled Rose' Brazilian Embroidery- From an Edmar kit that uses five stitches - bullion knots, stems stitch, satin stitch, couching stitch and French knots. By Elizabeth Braun

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DIY Beautiful Satin Ribbon Rosette

Artificial flowers and becoming more popular than ever before as the world looks for more eco-friendly and longer-lasting alternatives. The post DIY Pretty Satin Ribbon Roses – Free Tutorial appeared first on The Perfect DIY.


This is "Lilac Time" by Brazilian embroidery designer Evelyn Bailey. It was embroidered by Christine Hause. Image courtesy of.

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Brazilian Embroidery is different from surface embroidery & stumpwork in that it is a very dimensional embroidery.

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