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Com um pouco de criatividade, é possível criar um clima de Dia das Bruxas sem gastar muito. E as crianças vão se divertir ajudando!

Ghosts for a Front Entry - plastic bowls with drilled holes in the bottom, turned up-side-down and threaded to the ceiling secured with duck tape; and use cheese cloth or white fabric with felt faces secured to them :D

This is a great doorstep decoration idea for Halloween. Yes, its a bit gruesome…

Wizard of oz party Pool Noodle + Dollar Tree tights and old black shoes = Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! I would change this to black and white tights with red shoes for a Wizard of Oz theme.

muito legal

A Paper Bag Fall Tree. I have tissue paper in one of the bottom chest drawers at home.grab the fall colors. Need to buy the brown lunch bags tho'.