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Gosto desta mudança

Lucy is 17 and she loves acting. She is performing in her school play soon and she would love if she had a family to come and see her perform the lead role!the sad thing is she has no family so if you love her please adopt:adopted by KS

Ten chłopak potrafi czarować! Zobacz jego fenomenalne kreacje jak księżniczki Disneya!

This is Richard Schaefer a 21 year old makeup artist who likes to transform himself into characters form Disney Movies! He is a prettier girl than I will ever be.

It's really creepy how they look so authentic. Especially Ursulla.

Some of these are really spot on but others (Like Rapunzel) just look like regular teens dressing up as princesses.<<< Rapunzel looks like my aunt

I like: Anna, Elsa, Merida, and hiccup. But I hate Jack Frost!!!

Disney (and Dreamworks) characters in modern fashion. Elsa (Frozen), Jack Frost (Rise of The Guardians), Hiccup (how to train your dragon), Merida (brave), Anna (frozen) and Rapunzel (tangled)

Royal Fewels Collections - Andrea Meier

Disney Princesses in their (what-should-be-their-)outfits and head dresses for the time period! I love love love this! The Disney princesses & the time period accurate outfits!