Como fazer - Nó em cachecol;

Cool, chic — and above all — warm, blanket scarves are a winter must-have. But to avoid looking like you're just wearing a blanket cape (which, rock it if that's your thing!), there's a ton of different ways to learn how to tie a blanket scarf depend…

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How To Tie a Long Scarf - link to different ways, some new ones for me. Great pics with funny explanations. [Bonus: Mary Kate Wiles from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is the model!

Cachecol, inverno, scarf, lenço pescoço

Fashion, Style And Beauty : Tie the knot: the Infinity, featuring the Soft Fringe Scarf in Julep Tulip Black

Como transformar um lenço em cardigan.

How to wear an infinity scarf as a cardigan. You can tie the ends together of regular scarf too & wear it same way Awesome alternative to a light jacket.

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Spartina 449 Modern Lux Squared scarf tied into a Queen's Drape - Spartina available at Walker Boutique!

Scarf tying.

How To Tie A Long Scarf. Very Lovely Style in just 6 Step. Try It, scarf style, how to tie, how to scarf

Echarpes, cachecol e lenços, como usar...

Echarpe Cachecol Lenços Como Usar

Cachecol, inverno, scarf, lenço pescoço

"how to" Atlantis scarf (this model turned actress after landing a gig in the lizzie bennet diaries!