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I can surely affirm that my classes were improved with the help of the discussions of the orientation meetings. To expose my doubts and difficulties helped me to be aware of them and to face them in order to be a better teacher for my CLAC students. The meetings were there also to remind me of always looking for ways to improve and not to forget about it. Not only the discussions, but the materials I got in touch with helped me a lot during the semester.

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In the middle of the semester, we felt the need to bring to the orientation sections the topic of listening. Some head-monitors suggested that we incorporated real listening to our course and we had some difficulty in planning activities using this kind of material. Professor Cintia suggested that we discussed the text "Teaching listening", by Penny Ur, and it was essential to help us plan our activities to discuss with the group ways to improve them and to use them with our students.

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During the semester, the orientation sections gathered several important topics concerning English Language Teaching (ELT), such as group and pair work, autonomy, feedback, listening activities, games, warm up and lesson planning. We had a great opportunity to deepen our knowledge on ELT and to think about our own classrooms and our roles as teachers.

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