70 Most Unique Arrow TATTOOS (For Men & Women)

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Algumas pessoas gostam de tatuagem elaboradas, desenhos grandes, traços bem detalhados. Outras, já preferem os desenhos bem discretos, muito, mas muito pequenos. Foi pensando nesses clientes que o artista coreano conhecido como Playground Tattoo se especializou.

Playground Tattoo: Artista coreano cria delicadas tatuagens minimalistas, usando linhas finas e simples

like that but the flower at the bottom and the top turn upside down

This was all in the top Unalome Lotus Tattoo Designs. I hope you will drive some inspiration from these trendy designs if you are planning for this aesthet

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The semi-colon tattoo is a suicide prevention idea, my story go on. Here it's made with a heart as a best friend tattoo. This is one of my favorite best friend tattoos.

Precioso - inkbox tattoos - 1

Love tattoos, but you're not ready to take the permanent plunge? The two-week tattoo will allow you to demo real looking ink without the post tattoo remorse. It's fruit based and organic. It's all about self expression with no regrets.


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Arrow tattoos work great as a base for incorporating other tattoos. This cute small tattoo uses the arrow as a bracelet and the other symbols act as the charms. It’s a really unique way to incorporate two seemingly different designs.

37 Tiny Tattoos For Big-Time Besties who are basically life long sisters!

37 Tiny Tattoos For Big-Time Besties

Add a star tat because there are 3 of us. 37 Tiny Tattoos For Big-Time Besties who are basically life long sisters!


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