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In the ancient days Indians were the first to do astronomy and astrology. Every other civilization just copied and mirrored , several thousands of years later. Maya Danava went to Peru on his own Vimana which was a spacecraft. He had designed several of these spacecrafts for Kubera.

Palenque Image is an ancient Mexican artefact. It was the lid of sarcophagus found in a pre-Columbian temple in Palenque. This image has given rise to a lot of speculation over the possibility of h…

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Sarcophagi display - Our Life After Death in Ancient Egypt - Gallery at Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK. Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford. Britain’s oldest public museum.

Comedouros de Pássaros

DIY fruit bird feeder: Use any wire but it will need to be strong enough to make sure it holds the fruit in and doesn't spring ‘down and out’. Floral wire is good. Use apples, oranges or strawberries. -What an inventive idea and a great DIY project to try

OMG...! Ancient Delicate Roman Egyptian Glass Ring 1st. C. Ad Mediterranean

Ancient Delicate Roman Egyptian Glass Ring C. Ad Mediterranean <- that's the description as I found it. I'd like more documentation.