Ismael Melo

Ismael Melo

esportista; me visto casual; tenho 1,80 alt.; gosto de viver bem a vida, nao bebo, nem fumo, aproveitando cada momento. no mais, e so me perguntar ok?
Ismael Melo
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Do you know how to navigate in the wild?

The Direction Connection Finding your way in the wilderness without a map and compass is one of the most valuable skills you can possess. Here are a few tips, tricks and our favorite tool for gauging your sense of direction when you're outdoors.

learn this skill ... Sun dial ... simple to learn

a Do-It-Yourself Sundial. This simple yet effective sundial was made by placing a pencil in a ball of clay. Every hour a stone was placed to mark time. The sundial in the picture goes from 9 a.

Navigate With a Compass Using The Silva 1-2-3 system

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DIRECTION FINDING STICK - To determine direction without the aid of a compass…

To determine direction without the aid of a compass, drive a stick into the ground in a sunny location and set a stone at the tip of its shadow. Wait 20 minutes, then place another rock where the tip of the shadow has moved. The first marker indicat

Don't have a compass? Here's a reliable and easy way to navigate with an analog…

Navigating Without a Compass – If you have an analog wrist watch, you can use the hands to navigate. I find it easier if I remove my watch and hold it in the palm of my hand in front of me. Holding your watch in front of you, turn around until the shorter

22 Absolutely Essential Diagrams You Need For Camping

Determine remaining daylight on your hand. Use this simple trick to measure the remaining daylight without a watch. Count the finger widths between the sun and the horizon. Each finger is equivalent to 15 minutes, with each hand totaling an hour.

Finding Directions - Simply stand a 3-foot stick on end and place a small rock…

Finding Directions - Simply stand a stick on end and place a small rock where the tip of the shadow falls. Wait ten to fifteen minutes and place a second rock at the point where the tip of the shadow has moved too. Draw a line between the two points