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"To Catch A [Clock]Moon-Fish", by *Qinni (= Qing Han, Female, Canadian), 2011

The Soul of Samurai Abstract Painting Calligraphy by SamuraiArt

The Soul of Samurai, Abstract Painting, Calligraphy Style Artwork, Bushido, Samurai Sword

Flor De Cerejeira Oferece Mudas Cerejeiras Com Pelo Menos 50 Cm

If we are going to go with cherry tree blossoms, I like this watercolour look best of all. But I don't know how that would work with covering the old tattoo.

Chinese artist Rola Chang, aka Jung Shan from Taiwan. Asian inspired ink paintings combining eastern and western elements 張榕珊

Artist Jungshan (Jungshan) (Rola Chang) Wuxia Magazine cover Project to Wuxia story Magazine publish in China Asian artists and Asian inspired art - drawings and digital paintings

Geisha creations quimono de presente de casamento de impressão arte japão mulheres arte moderna arte sumi-e traje de gueixa gueixa mulhere

Geisha creations geisha kimono japan art print women wedding gift modern art abstract art sumi-e geisha girl geisha costume asian women sexy women