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the sun is setting over an outdoor restaurant overlooking the water and flowers in blooming pots
Santorini, Grécia
there is a small waterfall in the middle of this lake with blue water and rocks
Karijini Eco Retreat
Karijini National Park, Western Australia.
a cobblestone street lined with brightly colored buildings and palm trees in the background
Porto Seguro, Bahia - Brasil - Passarela do Álcool
a painting of a house on the water with stairs leading up to it's entrance
Sedona Arizona - Lake Como Villa, by Bob Pejman
Morada às margens do Lago de Como, Lombardia, Itália. Será um sonho de uma noite de verão?
an open gate with trees and water in the background is featured on this instagram page
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Lago Como, Itália
an aerial view of the beach and lagoons in front of some small island formations
Cabo Frio City Tour « Planet - Viagens e Turismo
Praia das Conchas - Cabo Frio (Brazil)
the mountains are covered in snow and green grass, with trees on either side of them
Paisagens e Detalhes da Natureza Perfeita - 20 fotos
an aerial view of a large waterfall in the middle of trees and water flowing down it's sides
Cool Pictures
Kaieteur Falls, Guyana
an image of a house with stairs and flowers
Oia, Santorini, Greece
a large building with fountains in front of it at night time and lit up by lights
Santíssimo Sacramento Church
Igreja do Santíssimo Sacramento, na cidade de Itajaí, estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil.
an old round building sitting on top of a lush green field
Curitiba, Brazil
three windmills in the fog with a person standing on one side and another behind them
Photographer at work Mirco Gugg
the mountains are covered with green grass and trees, while houses stand in the foreground
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The Dolomites, Italy
a large waterfall towering over a forest filled with trees
Yosemite National Park
a river surrounded by trees covered in snow
Feature No Longer Available | Weather Underground
Yosemite National Park