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there is a frame with sea glass and shells in it
an ocean scene with goldfish and sea shells is displayed in front of a white frame
Kit, do it yourself (DIY) resin art kit, sea glass picture, shell art, crafting gift, home crafting. Craft kits. Turtle.
Do it yourself resin beach art kit! You can now make your own beautiful art picture from your own home! All supplies included to make this turtle art piece. Or arrange into something else you would like! You will receive all supplies needed to make this art piece. 10 x 12 white frame, instructions, cup, stir stick, gloves, resin, hardener, shells, crushed glass, 2 turtles, etc. Make sure to read ALL instructions before beginning your project. I would LOVE to see your finished piece! THIS TURTLE KIT DOES NOT COME WITH A STENCIL. THIS ONE IS FREE FORMED BY YOU. A picture is sent with the kit to use as a guide if you need it. **all supplies needed to complete the art piece are provided. Shells and crushed glass may vary based on availability. Colors may vary slightly due to computer monitor
there is a mirror and seashells on the table
Sea Glass Beach Scene on Mirror - Sea Glass Art - Sea Glass Pictures - Sea Glass Art - Nautical Decor - Ocean Beach Decor - Beach House Art
"Imagine yourself looking into this mirror and saying, Beach Hair Don't Care! Our \"Sea Yourself at the Beach\" mirror can be a favorite piece in your home whether it's a beach house or not. It's made with sand, reclaimed cracked glass, sea glass, starfish and seashells for a truly stunning addition to your home that everyone will love. The glass pieces were handpicked to fit together in shades of blue, green, aqua. The sand has a champagne gold shimmer just like sparkling sand on the beach. I
a crab made out of sea glass in a white frame
Crushed Glass, Shell and Resin Crab
Blue Crab made with green crushed glass and crushed shell pieces. May be hung on light colored walls or in a window. All art pieces are custom made and unique. You will receive a similar piece.
a heart made out of sea glass and sand