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a pink and white cake with strawberries in it's center on a plate
Um mundo doce!
Reino de Morango ♥: Um mundo doce!
a ceramic figurine sitting on top of a green bowl filled with water lilies
a pink flower shaped dish sitting on top of a table next to tulips
two small plastic cats sitting on top of a white bench next to another cat figurine
6pc Home Decor Kittens
a small toy dog with white and orange spots on it's body sitting on a tree branch
a small toy mouse sitting on top of a rock
four tiny figurines are sitting on someone's hand in front of a pink background
Choose Seasons Axolotl Necklace Clay Jewelry Miniatures Kawaii - Etsy
four little cats are sitting in the hand
Gatitos mini
there are many pictures of someone making a doll with their hands and fingers on it