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a woman with her back to the camera, standing in front of a body of water
two women are sitting on a deck by the water and drinking wine while another woman is standing in the background
a man sitting on top of a stone wall next to the ocean holding a tea pot
a woman is sitting in a chair reading a book by the water's edge
a woman laying on the beach reading a magazine
a woman sitting at an outdoor table in front of a city with lots of buildings
a person swimming in the ocean with their hand out to touch the water's surface
an outdoor table with food on it in front of a large window overlooking the mountains
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a woman sitting on the back of a boat
summer in Italy!
a woman laying on top of a bed next to the ocean with a book in her hand
a woman is reading a book on the beach
people are sitting at tables in an old town square
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a man is sitting on a small boat in the water near buildings with shuttered windows
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short shorts
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs
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a woman walking down an alley way carrying a pink purse
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three women standing around a table with pizzas on it
a woman laying on top of a bed next to a beach covered in watermelon
a woman standing on the dock looking at boats
Sint Maarten, Italian Summer, Lany, Endless Summer, Posen
a man swimming in the ocean with his head above the water