Crianças Super-Heróis

Some superhero kids

Crianças Super-Heróis - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shir

Os anjos podem ter varias formas diferentes, eles habitam um lugar acima do nosso mundo,o Autoplano, os anjos foram criados para manter o equilíbrio entre a terra e o inferno.

During the Eternity Wars, some of the angels were transformed into stone guardians scattered across the battlefield. They have waited long, seemingly in vain.They need not wait for much longer.

Character design and concept development - Awesome Concept Art by Corrado Ficarelli

This was my childhood only instend of go carts we had skateboards with a box on top to ride in. Awesome Concept Art by Corrado Ficarelli

Norman Rockwell, Boy Reading an Adventure Story, 1923  Possibly my favorite Rockwell

Norman Rockwell Boy Reading Adventure Story, The Saturday Evening Post, November Oil on canvas, 30 x Collection of George Lucas.


by Francisco José de Souto Leite “Derbyblue”, an Illustrator from Brazil.