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two pictures one shows a plant and the other shows a hand holding a small potted plant
Rootcup (NOTCOT)
Rootcups! I need these- easy way too root plant cuttings. Available in regular & large.
String of Hearts Propogation
A beautifully detailed String of Hearts propogation in a wide, white pot filled with soil. Use the String of Hearts cuttings to layer around each other in the center of the pot.
grow lights into your home decor
my go-to soil mixture for houseplants 🪴
Ways to propagate your aloe
an info sheet describing the different types of flowers and plants in each section of the page
Featuring: Pink Princess Philodendron - Anna's | Garden, Home & Wellness
This is Anji and her 20 year old Ruby Emerald Philodendron.
an indoor hydropony system with plants growing in the planter trays on each shelf
My seed starting setup got a big upgrade this year.
how to grow roses from buds
How to Grow Roses from Buds
Growing roses from buds is a rewarding and magical journey that allows you to witness the transformation from a tiny bud to a stunning bloom.
an indoor garden shop filled with lots of plants
Julie's Basement Plant Room -
Over the weekend, we were in Frankfort to visit with Bob during his recovery. Since we were headed there, Liz ended up bringing along some of her house plants, to keep in the basement (where Julie has many of her plants housed, during the winter).
an indoor greenhouse filled with lots of plants and potted plants in pots on shelves
Post Your Grow Light Setup