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This picture is in relation to the shooting that took place on the Algerian beach. Because of Meursault's indignantly feeling towards the heat, it caused him to shoot the Arab 5 time.

Foot Reference

Academy of Art Character and Creature Design Notes: Foot Reference Character Design 25 Astonishing Character Designs and Zbrush Models

These are my studies! To learn I often copy from real life or photos! I share them with you so you can copy them to learn or improve, but don't trace them! Make an effort and don't be lazy!And if y...

I really needed a photographic reference here. I tried to draw this tricky action years ago but.Now I understand how it works! I'm so happy to learn new little things XDI do really advi.

Archery reference sheet by Kibbitzer on DeviantArt

In the poll Which Reference Sheets you need?"facial expressions" was second! On patreon you can see the full version with 25 faces for FREE because this kind of reference shee.