Valence Style: Shine light both on the ceiling and down the wall with this valance-style cove. This one is made from straight 3/4-in. clear pine.

How to Install Elegant Cove Lighting

Bored with your living space? Cove lighting can add an understated elegance and breathe life into the most uninspiring room. We’ll show you how we built ours using LED strip lighting and demonstrate h

Under bed lighting to enhance the 'otherworldly' video game room theme

LED Color Changing Bedroom Mood Ambiance Lighting Ready KIT with IR Remote

Ambilight Hue Tv Philips

Trippy: '12 Monkeys' to control your room's lighting

Philips friends of Hue LED LightStrips Starter Kit 7531586

Philips Hue Beyond pendellamp 7531598

Meet hue | en-US

Philips Online Shop Nederland - Friends of hue - hue Personal Wireless Lighting Hanglamp -

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