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40 Amazingly Creative Double Page Magazine Ads

Adidas: Forever Sport double page ads For more Advertising Ideas & Tools to get your business moving forward fast!

This can be used for a relationship spread, for example of two people who wee friends for a while. We can put a picture of their faces on top of the Ziploc and then a picture of their bodies from when they were younger.

When I saw this ad, I immediately thought of the slide with Burger King advertising their new "super seven incher sandwich." The image is trying to sell the idea that if you use the product the food will stay fresh and last longer.

Oh wow. This "don't sleep and drive ad" really grabbed my attention.

Campaña “La somnolencia es más fuerte que tú”

The 'Don't Drive Sleepy Project' is one that adheres to all drivers and the simple illustrations ensure the seriousness of this print advertising campaign hits home. The tag line 'sleepiness is stronger than you' couldn't be executed more perfectly.

Marquesina de Mc Donalds

“ Advertising/Ambient/Outdoor: McDonalds - Freshness Box Salad This poster, with what appears to be fresh salad vegetables and condensation, changes a bus shelter into a section in the.

Lo mejor de la Creatividad Publicitaria Vol. 1 #marketing #publicidad #creatividad #inspiración #ads

Lo mejor de la Creatividad Publicitaria Vol. 1

80 campañas de la Industria del Entretenimiento @alvarodabril

A great example of all the fun and crazy things you can do at playland. I thought this image was great because it shows two completely different activities that this place is trying to promote. Love it.

Woman Builds Tiny Houses For Birds That Visit Her | Bored Panda

Woman Builds Tiny Houses For Birds That Visit Her

Woman Builds Tiny Houses For Birds That Visit Her - Portland, Maine-based illustrator and bird-lover Jada Fitch creates amazing little houses for her tiny bird friends. Filled with tasty treats and be.

Cliente: DHL (envío persona a persona). Las grandes campañas son las que promueven ideas, mueven al mercado y revolucionan al mundo, porque una mala campaña mata un buen producto. Brockmann, Wiggenhauser & Asociados.

[DHL] "International courier service express delivery guaranteed" - Double page magazine ad

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ACAT Campaign Against Torture: Back Of Seats_“Victims are people just like you and Christian campaign to abloish torture.” (Advertising Agency: Advico Y, Zurich, Switzerland)

I Paint On Fallen Autumn Leaves | Bored Panda

I Paint On Fallen Autumn Leaves

Since childhood, I am in love with nature and I love to keep nature pressed in books.

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