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bahahaha it doesn't look like swanqueen to me, emma looks more terrified than anything. using regina as a meatshield.

For real...there are no gay fairy tale characters!? Then Henry or whatever his name is wouldn't have to choose between his two moms

Emma, Regina and Hook on the Jolly Rodger. Season Regina totally crossed the line at Stubborn Princess! If Regina was ever to call her a stubborn princess.

De ser dos personas reales picándose, yo creo que seria Emma, es malo retarme y apostar un beso.

Swanqueen a SQ comic it took me 5 days to make. but it was REALLY fun to make (I do not own any of the chars, just me having some fun) uh and it is also based on a real story of mine XD just .

Getting a Swan by Qaizor on DeviantArt

so another SQ comic hope you guys like it (SQ means SwanQueen Regina Mills (the evil Queen) and Emma Swan (the saviour). Getting a Swan