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Enjolras and Grantaire - quotes from the book

Enjolras and Grantaire - quotes from the book. This is one of the only Fandoms/Books that makes me cry every time I read the book or watch any form of the musicals or movie.

Old Nan's Stories by mustamirri

I was rereading A Game of Thrones, and in one of his chapter Jon remembers back how he used to lis.

I'm not a baby sitter- 0 by Mary-Chan

Sandor's REALLY not Lannister's baby sitter. still art by and inks and colors by me. other in the series: I'm not a baby sitter - 0

The Magician by naomi-makes-art73 on DeviantArt

Bran Stark - Game of Thrones Tarot Card by naomi