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an old poster with the words beware of female spas written in black and white
The International Spy Museum (@IntlSpyMuseum) on X
people are standing on the roof of a large white building that is shaped like an airplane
Morreu Oscar Niemeyer, o último grande arquitecto do século XX
an old black and white photo of people walking on the beach with horse drawn carriages
Tweet / Twitter
a woman with tattoos on her face and neck
Many Native Americans, Citing History, Angry Over Trump Immigration Policy
an old photo of people walking down the street with umbrellas in front of them
31 Fotografias Antigas de Grandes Cidades - La Parola
an old black and white photo of men sitting on the sidewalk
Vincenzo Pastore, um fotógrafo entre dois mundos (Casamassima, Itália 5 de agosto de 1865 – São Paulo, Brasil 15 de janeiro de 1918)
two men standing next to each other talking
Lúcio Costa e o Plano Piloto
black and white photograph of men working in the dirt with shovels, buckets and barrels
an old black and white photo of women walking down the street
Navegação por local "Proximidades do atual parque D. Pedro II"
an old black and white photo shows people with dogs in the woods, one man is holding a cane
Exposição apresenta imagens históricas do cangaço
two men sitting on a bench talking to each other
São Paulo - Instituto Moreira Salles
an advertisement for coca cola featuring two men
Nostalgiarama: Anúncios da Coca-Cola dos Anos 50
an advertisement for coca cola featuring two women sitting on a couch
41 propagandas antigas da Coca-Cola para inspiração
an advertisement for sony's new stereo system, which is being advertised in spanish
Design Innova: De Volta aos Anos 80