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Jaires Feitosa

Jaires Feitosa
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Arkham Asylum villain trivia for all of you! If anyone knows me, they know that I am obsessed with my Serena Kyle tattoo.

soloman grundy DC COMICS

Born on a Monday. Christened on a Tuesday. Married on a Wednesday. Took ill on a Thursday. Got worse on a Friday. Died on a Saturday. Buried on a Sunday. This is the end of Solomon Grundy. „ ~ What Solomon Grundy is based on

Doctor Fate

FATE - one of the best character designs ever. Created in 1940 by Gardiner Fox and Howard Sherman. Fate& look has changed very little since. This image is a painting by the incredible Tom Fleming.

Aquaman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Aquaman member of the DC comics Justice League of America. Aquaman being a super hero that most won't admit to liking. He may not be on top of your list of favorite superheroes but an interesting one nonetheless. Aquaman being like Marvel's Namor.