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a young man is holding his head in one hand and wearing a sweater on the other
『CS朝日番宣+ピボピボピボットォォォ~~! TVasahi PV and more pivots』
『CS朝日番宣+ピボピボピボットォォォ~~! TVasahi PV and more pivots』
an advertisement for gucci in focus with a man reaching up into the air
『CS朝日番宣+ピボピボピボットォォォ~~! TVasahi PV and more pivots』
a young man standing in front of a mirror with his head tilted to the side
a male figure skating in a black outfit
black and white photograph of a young man with his hand on the back of an adult's arm
Deporte, Supportive, Quick
『最&高 3Aベスティランディング! Cool! 3A + Besti Landing!!』
Hip Hop, Paul Mccartney, Boy Music, Astro Boy, Johnny, Johnny Weir
the back of a man's head wearing a white collared shirt and black hair
a male figure skating on an ice rink wearing a black outfit and holding his arms in the air
Yuzuru Hanyu
a man sitting in a black chair with his hands on his knees and looking at the camera
Ice Show