Very effective style. Black and white image in the background. Lines at the top and bottom of the page to organize the type.

I really like having an image (could be photography or a sketch) come through typography or a text like this. This could be a logo where when it is small the letters could be solid colors and when bigger, the sketch could become a part of it.

One of my favorite designs. Typefaces very well thought out and adding the yellow type makes the information have style. Column layout is very effective. Black background with this texture makes the whole design stand out.

The Story Unfolds (TSU) is a retail concept that allows creatives and designers alike to publish their own books and sell them right at the store.

The imagery in the background sets a theme, gives the whole poster dimension and colour. when the text etc is added on its makes the design so much better. The shapes in the background gives it that creative feel.

Poster typography quote it may not be easy but it will be worth it. inspiration and motivation

Clever use of photography. Adding shapes onto the image to bring elements of it out such as the eyes in this example. Simplicity of the layout makes people focus more on the image. Designed in a way to make you look at the main elements.

"Speak And Spell Graphic/Illustration by Anthony Neil Dart posters, art prints, canvas prints, greeting cards or gallery prints. Find more Graphic/Illustration art prints and posters in the ART.

Use of shapes and lines to produce a sharp design. Simple layout of the type in the bottom right corner.

avantgarde is a beautiful design project by graphic designer Maxime Quoilin from Belgium. Via Design Cove

Use of opacity with numerous colors. Including images also to create an artistic effect. The plane white background brings all the color out. The layout of the type works well on top of the colors. Stands out more.

2012 vimeo festival + awards poster Like the photo inlays, my school is doing a similar thing with their new branding campaign.

Vintage style poster, old font styles and very simple layout design. Old effect is very effective and doing this on purpose in my own design could be very creative.

Soviet Movie Poster in Abandoned Mark Lane Tube Station

The use of creating a collage within the type works well. Placing this on a yellow background makes everything stand out. Simple layout for the type at the bottom.

Shepard Fairey coming to Ireland for OFFSET March Dublin OFFSET 2012 - a weekend of presentations, interviews, panel discussions and.