misaki takahashi

misaki takahashi

misaki takahashi
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this picture is so sad

this picture is so sad---imma go cry in my closet

elven-nicknacks:  Thranduil checking up on his precious elfling, by Nekomiko

Tales of Mirkwood - Thranduil and baby Legolas sleep time these art makes me happy. I mean, baby legolas and Thranduuil as a caring father-what else du we need?

Thranduil and Legolas

nevui-penim-miruvorrr: “ parvuspapilio: “ ssbobpul: “ Thranduil Legolas ” sudden sad thought about how Thranduil told Legolas that his mother has gone up to the stars and became one of them and is now.

Yyyyeeeepppp MONATO!!

father and son. Awww had Minato lived he would have been a wonderful dad! What am I saying he already is a wonderful dad even though he wasn't around! But it would have been better to see all those father/son moments!