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a gray and white cat sitting on top of a table
i love caaaats
a cat laying on the floor with a blue and black tag in it's mouth
Conheça Thor, O Gato-De-Bengala Com O Pêlo Perfeitamente Maravilhoso
a cat sticking its tongue out while sitting on a window sill
Conheça Quimera, A Gata De “Duas Caras” Que Está Chamando A Atenção
a drawing of a woman with purple butterflies around her neck and hands on her chest
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four hands holding each other in front of a pink background with stars and rainbows
Duas travestis iniciaram o movimento LGBT, mas ninguém fala sobre isso
a drawing of a woman with curly hair and an afro hairstyle, looking to the side
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Baby Hair