Via Copenhagenize, a scheme to redesign Copenhagen’s Vestergade as a street where cyclists and pedestrians come first, and motor vehicles fall into line accordingly. Click image for full story and visit the boards >>

bi-directional cycle path / pedestrian paths either end / flex parking for deliveries and bicycle parking. The street will remain a one direction street for cars, bicycle speed/"motoring on bicycles’ terms.

diagram of trail cross section >> Nice way to concisely show the details of the design!  Wish I could blow it up larger to see it better.

diagrams Assuming illustrator and autocad were utilized. This is a create way to diagram although I think it is difficult to read because the direction of text.

Bike lanes proposed for the City of Toronto, 2014. Click image for full story via National Post and visit the boards >>

lanes proposed for the City of Toronto, For connectivity in cities to be successful, there needs to be multiple forms of transportation addressed in the design of the city.

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