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someone pouring yellow sauce on top of a cake in a pan with holes around the edges
I've made this 6 times so far! Now, everyone expects me to bring it to a party!
a white plate topped with lots of food
Autumn Brittle | Adventures in Cooking
Several weeks ago I tried a new snack from Costco called “Cashew Clusters” and became completely obsessed with it. It is amazingly and utterly delicious! They’re these kind of granola chunks with cashews, pumpkin seeds and almonds in them. I decided to try to make a brittle using mostly the same ingredients, but added some...
a close up of a plate of food with cheese and bread toppings being drizzled over it
You might think I'm a lazy baker, but when I bring this out from the oven, everyone is asking for a bite
a white plate topped with chocolate and nuts covered cookie bars on top of each other
Simply Sinful Cookies | Imperial Sugar
two rolls covered in cheese on a white plate with a fork next to the plate
Orange Rolls with a Warm Sour Cream Butter Glaze – My Recipe Reviews
three different views of food on plates with text overlay that reads, charleston chewies with brown sugar & pecans
Charleston Chewies with Brown Butter
Pecan chews, brown sugar chewies, or Charleston chewies, no matter what you call them these brown sugar brownies are an insanely rich and decadent treat! Studded with chopped pecans and filled with brown butter, these simple southern dessert bars deserve a spot on your holiday table.
a pan filled with cake sitting on top of a counter
Oh my lord, so delicious and rich! What a keeper!
Oh my lord, so delicious and rich! What a keeper!
a close up of a spoon in a dish of food with lemons behind it
4 Ingredients Lemon Cream Cheese Dump Cake - Easy DIY Recipes
cookies with sugar on them sitting in a baking pan, ready to be baked into the oven
The lunch lady at my school cafeteria used to make these cookies. They were always the best!