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PurgatoryPlaything: Royal Taxidermy Earrings

Purgatory Plaything's Jewelry

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Witchy Deer Jawbone Necklace Occult Bone Jewelry Moon by Necrology

Witchy Jaw Necklace Jawbone Necklace Bone Jewelry Bone | Etsy

This genuine jawbone has been attached to gunmetal chain with silver toggle closure, and moon phases painted on the bone. When not being worn, it makes a wonderful wall hanging. ************* ABOUT US: At Necrology, we deal with the strange, the weird, the bizarre, the macabre, and the unusual! Specializing in handmade oddities, we create one of a kind curiosities with genuine animal bones, taxidermy, insect specimens, and found objects. Every piece is meticulously crafted with the utmost…

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Stack of four bangle bracelets made of thick gauge steel wire and wrapped in pre-loved distressed fabrics and various weathered hardware. First bangle (photo 3) has a wrap of distressed cotton fabric, rust-treated wire wrapping and embellished with a scavenged washer. Second bangle (photo 4) is

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This is a large deer jaw bone dream catcher hand painted with acrylic paint. It has pheasant tail feathers hanging off one side and one neck feather in the center. The kokopelli is a traditional symbol for fertility. It measures approx. 10" tall x 7" wide. The end are wrapped in artificial sinew and the webbing is natural artificial sinew. Deer are associated with fertility in many Native American cultures. In some Mexican tribes, the first parents of the human race were originally deer…

The Bone Bundle Necklace, handmade by the bone witch her self for you. #postapocalyptic #burningman #wicca #witchcrafttalisman #metalsmith #coppersmithing #bonedusttower #pagangifts #adornyourself

Bone Bundle Necklace / witchcraft jewelry / bone jewelry / | Etsy

The Bone Bundle Necklace, handmade by the bone witch her self for you. #postapocalyptic #burningman #wicca #witchcrafttalisman #metalsmith #coppersmithing #bonedusttower #pagangifts #adornyourself

Coyote Bone Necklace Atlas Bone Bone Necklace Bone Jewelry | Etsy

Have a Look at This Beautiful Blue Coyote Bone Necklace. It was Made with a Real Coyote Atlas Bone. There are 7 Blue Charms Hanging From The Gold Chain. The Chain it Has is 20 inches long. All Items Ship Within 1-3 Days via USPS First Class Service. Shipping on This Bone Necklace is FREE in The

These pieces of taxidermied jewelry are as creepy as they are beautiful.

Creepy Pieces Of Taxidermy Jewelry

These pieces of taxidermied jewelry are as creepy as they are beautiful.

Real crow bird talon necklace pendant bone silver jewellery | Etsy

*Price is for ONE necklace* This is a real dried crow's talon necklace with a tibetan silver, bronze tone or gunmetal black cap on an 18" chain. This is a great unique piece of jewellery for yourself or a friend, it would be a good conversation starter too! I love bones and other natural items so always keep an eye out for any I can clean and make look nice and make something lovely with! These talons were salvaged from pest control. The photos are numbered, please choose which one you want…

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Mink Jawbone and Ghost Quartz with Mica Pendant Necklace A pair of real Mink jawbones fused together with 2 part epoxy, hand painted and stained with alcohol inks. Beneath the bail hangs a Ghost Quartz point with is sculpted into the jawbones, embellished with Mica. A twisted copper metal bail is sculpted into the pendant. Comes with a textures black metal chain approximately 24 inches in total length. OOAK Item. Shipping to U.S. Only…

Crystal Crow feet necklaces

Genuine Crows foot necklace holding black tourmaline crystal | Etsy

A real crows foot necklace holding a genuine black tourmaline stone. Very durable, the crow's foot is completely dried out, painted and fixed into an aluminium pendant. Hung on by purple hemp chord with a clasp fastening. Black Tourmaline is one of the most common meditation crystals. It is exceptionally grounding to the Earth's energies, freeing one to explore the spiritual world without harm or danger, and provides high levels of purification for the auric field and the etheric body…

Amethyst Crystal Wand, Pagan Wiccan Magic Wand, Witch Wizzard Fantasy Wand, Ritual Energy Reiki Wand, Costume LARP Accessory, Yule Gift

This beautiful soldered amethyst crystal wand is a true work of art. Made from a brass rod with a natural raw amethyst point and tumbled amethyst, the Witch or Wizard Wand measures from 11 - 12 inches. The length will vary due to the differences in the natural stones. The fantasy wand is hand soldered using lead free solder. This wand is made to last and can stand up to being used as a costume accessory for LARP or Cosplay events. A true magical ritual tool it also easily directs and…